Thursday, April 11, 2013

Monday, April 8, 2013

Instagram Challenge

                                          Checkout My Instagram, follow and I will follow back:)

Many may wonder “Why this random person is following me on Instagram?” No mutual friends, never seen her in my life! Well... Guess what?  I"m the random person, with an outrageous challenge to follow strangers.   If you would like to know why I put myself in a challenge that many will say is "IMPOSSIBLE” to complete, continue reading and maybe I will inspire you to think outside the box, along the side of me.

Well, it all started back in 2012 but I decide to take action about a two week ago. I had this eager feeling of adding everyone I didn't know on Instagram, but something was stopping me. I didn't want to get criticism and I also didn't want to receive a negative vibe from total strangers. When I say a negative vibe I'm talking about Rude Comments! One thing I cannot stand is unnecessary comments people tend to just want share with the world. I mean it's great to share your opinion with the rest of the cyber world but some things are better kept in silence then writing in ink. People tend to not understand, that anything writing or shared on the web will never be erased. Besides being in the web it can also hurt someone mentally and emotionally. So, people please before you comment on my pictures with your finger up your A-hoe, keep those comments to yourself, I sure don't want to come out disrespectful or block anyone.  

Instagram is a new universe, and it's my absolute addiction. I love posting and sharing a million pictures.  I was honestly tired of seen the same people on my Instagram, and not because I didn't like what they we’re posting but because everyone was posting the same DAMN self-ies ,and everyone was just partying, popping bottles, nothing was "New" even if I refreshed my news feed.  So, one night I'm sitting in bed with my boyfriend discussing life plans and I tell him "Babe I think is time, I do it" and his face was full of confusion. As I smiled, I was able to see the relief in his face; he probably thought I was going to say something out of this planet. My boyfriend still sitting there with a disoriented look in his face, waiting for me to release the mystery,  I said "Babe I think is time, I do it!  I think is time for me to add everyone on Instagram, I want to explore, see new things and get inspired by other people then the one's that surround me. I also want receive recognition to my work, sense of lifestyle and fashion of course.” and my main reason of creating this challenge was because I want to be someone’s idol or inspire people to be confident and different. And what better way to speak to people around the world without involving language, just a whole bunch of pictures that say a million words. My boyfriend being the best boyfriend say's “Do it! And I'm doing it with you".  I won’t ever forget how excited we both were to start this challenge. 

I decide to do a little research on Instagram and there are more users than what I really imagine. There are about 90 million active users on Instagram, user’s post 40 million pictures per day, and 8,500 likes per second! How Amazing?!
Now , to follow everyone on Instagram I have receive 7,500 followers’ back to continue my quest of following everyone in the fascinating picture world of Instagram.  This is going one of the hardest challenges because is going to take time, but time doesn't scare me away, it motivates me. So don’t be surprised if you come cross my user name STYLINGAFTERHOURS with dorky picture on your news feed!

So, guys and gals remember to follow back, let’s make history.

Bibi H.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Ever woke up thinking What on earth am I going to wear today? Typical problem, seems to happen to Most Humans. 

Hello my fellow Bloggers, my name is Bibi (Real Name) and my blog will be your solution to your minor and major crisis. Converting your everyday outfits into a more Sexy, Sassy,  and Fashionable look will be my task. No one wants to walk out the house looking or feeling a HOT MESS ! I will attend to your flaws, and issues. I want everyone to Walk the streets if it was a Fashion show, working the main street of New York!  This is your RUNWAY SHOW you have to own every step!  

All you need is 1. Positive Attitude, 2.Great Self-esteem (if not we can touch more bases on how to overcome your self-esteem)  and 3.Just feel comfortable. 

You will Succeed in looking  and feeling fabulous. 

Everyone is Welcomed.

Bibi Herera