Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Ever woke up thinking What on earth am I going to wear today? Typical problem, seems to happen to Most Humans. 

Hello my fellow Bloggers, my name is Bibi (Real Name) and my blog will be your solution to your minor and major crisis. Converting your everyday outfits into a more Sexy, Sassy,  and Fashionable look will be my task. No one wants to walk out the house looking or feeling a HOT MESS ! I will attend to your flaws, and issues. I want everyone to Walk the streets if it was a Fashion show, working the main street of New York!  This is your RUNWAY SHOW you have to own every step!  

All you need is 1. Positive Attitude, 2.Great Self-esteem (if not we can touch more bases on how to overcome your self-esteem)  and 3.Just feel comfortable. 

You will Succeed in looking  and feeling fabulous. 

Everyone is Welcomed.

Bibi Herera

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